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The essential application for League of Legends fans

League of Legends (aka LoL and League) is one of the best online multiplayer games out there. If you are a regular player of this MOBA, League Friends is the app you need to keep track of all your game stats and interact with your in-game friends.

All you need to know about LoL on your phone or tablet

League Friends is a companion app for LoL, that is to say that it is an application that complements your experience in the game. With it you will always be able to check-in on the action, so you can be sure you always know when something important happens.

One function of League Friends is to receive and keep track of in-game messages between you and your friends. In addition, you can receive match invites. Tired of notifications? Then you can disable them and then re-activate them when you're available.

Having just been released, at the moment this is all League Friends offers. But its creators, Riot Games, have promised to update the app with everything you need to make the most of League of Legends.

Let's synchronize!

League Friends is a very handy app, with only a few visible and easily configured options. Its chat system has a nice and simple Facebook Messenger style, while providing everything you need.

The best thing about League Friends is that you can install it on multiple different devices. Once installed just enter your LoL login data and then sync it with any phones or tablets you are using.

Full of promise

League Friends is not the best gaming companion app we have tested. However, given LoL’s success and the promise of more to come in future updates, we are convinced that this is a must for fans.


  • Handy
  • Good chat system
  • Install it on as many devices as you want


  • For now, somewhat incomplete


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League Friends


League Friends 1.9.8 for iPhone


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